All Gender restrooms are single-stall restrooms that have University-standard signage and a lockable door. The restrooms are equipped with one toilet and, in some cases, a urinal and a door that latches. The signs for all single-stall restrooms on campus will feature an image of a toilet and the words “All Gender Restroom.” Many of these restrooms include other inclusivity features like ADA access, changing tables, showers, and free period products.


All Gender restrooms expand access for everyone and can be used by anyone. They also benefit a diverse group of people including: transgender/ gender nonconforming individuals, parents and caregivers who have children of another gender, disabled people who have personal attendants and caregivers of another gender, individuals with chronic illness, and people from cultural backgrounds whose bathroom practices are not traditional in the United States.

All gender restroom with changing stations
Restroom door lock showing "secure"
Interior of all gender restroom

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Map of all gender restrooms

All Gender Restrooms FAQ

Are we are moving away from gendered restrooms?

We are not moving away from gendered multi-stall restrooms. We are just adding more single-stall options.

How did you select which restrooms should become All Gender?

A campus wide restroom audit, including Main Campus, Foothills, South Campus, and Powerhouse, was conducted in 2016. As part of that effort, 242 existing single-stall restrooms received new signage and other upgrades designating them as All Gender restrooms. The number of All Gender Restrooms will continue to grow as new buildings are added to campus and buildings are renovated.

I would like an All-Gender restroom sign for my building. How can I get one?

If we missed a single-stall restroom, please contact us with the details.

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