Lactation rooms provide a calm and private space for parents to breastfeed while on campus. They are non-bathroom spaces that are shielded from view and free from intrusion. They are equipped with a lockable door, a glider chair, a table, and easily accessible power outlets. They will feature signage with the text “Lactation Room”.


CSU recognizes the importance of supporting parents who wish to continue to breastfeed while they are at work, visiting campus, or attending school. Lactation rooms also help reduce single occupancy vehicle trips to seek this amenity off-campus.

Lactation room sign
Brown chair and footstool in a lactation room
Lactation room sink area

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Map of lactation rooms

Lactation Rooms FAQ

How do I reserve a lactation room?

Several lactation rooms across campus are first come first served, however, some buildings do require pre-scheduling. For instructions on how to reserve a lactation room, please see the Facilities Management Lactation Room webpage.

Do CSU’s lactation rooms have refrigerators?

No, not all spaces contain refrigeration. We encourage parents to bring their own portable cooler.

Are plug in motors provided in lactation rooms?

No, this is an added feature we do not currently provide.

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