Everyday, thousands of students, employees, and visitors commute to CSU.  Eventually, we all navigate campus as on foot or mobility device.  CSU strives to provide diverse transportation options to welcome everyone to our campuses and safe access to their destination.  CSU has added inclusive features to our buildings to provide equitable access to our campuses regardless if you can afford to drive, take the bus, walk, or ride a bicycle:

In the absence of the features, a commuter may be forced into the expense of a personal vehicle for commuting and workday trips.  Break rooms feature food storage and preparation amenities to reduce unnecessary vehicle trips for lunch. Commuter shower and lockers allow for a place to clean up before work or room for a caregiver and a mobility device.  


CSU has created construction standards to ensure our buildings welcome commuters with amenities to reduce their need to commute with a Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV). CSU places a high value on pedestrian access and affordable transportation options. We believe that creating inclusive features like break rooms and commuter showers support the economic and physical health and well being of our campus users. These features support people of varying socioeconomic statuses and reduce the burden on individuals to pay for parking, rely on a vehicle, or travel off campus for affordable food options.

Transit - Horn
Construction Detour
Longboard Rack

Locate Bike Parking 

Map of bicycle racks and Horn Bus Routes at CSU

Alternative Transportation FAQ

What is a transit trip? How many people commute to campus?

A trip is a one way ride on the bus. In 2017, we had over 2 million trips by CSU employees and students.

How will parking regulations on overnight parking impact people, especially low-income people?

Parking permits are required until 4pm weekdays, unless signage in the lot states otherwise.  All can park for free after that.

Can a bus route to the UCA be added? More frequent stops are needed.  

This is a common request during the snowy months. A bus used to travel to the UCA and ridership was very low.  Transfort cancelled the route.  We will take another look this summer if an existing route could be directed that way. Around the Horn travels within three blocks of the UCA;  use the stop by Facilities and then walk under the underpass right to the UCA.  The Horn does not go to the UCA because crossing the railroad tracks would lead to delays given that this route runs every 10 minutes.

Crosswalks/ areas where bicyclists intersect with pedestrians can be intimidating or dangerous. What can be done in these intersections?

We continue to split trails for bicycles and pedestrians. We also hire student Rambassadors to provide onsite education at intersections across campus. Police enforce with tickets for reckless riding and failure to yield. 

Are there plans to create more covered bike parking?

Yes, right now, Facilities is creating a standard design for covered bike parking.  Mike Rush, campus architect, is designing the new standard.  Covered bike parking is not cheap to build, but certainly a common request of students and employees.

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